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In the event of a disaster, confusion and disorientation may develop. We are here to offer services designed to offset the confusion by mapping out a step-by-step plan for disasters and a program designed to minimize the impact of the emergency.

The RESPOND Program offers priority service for your property should a disaster strike. Involvement in the program will allow our resources to be deployed for immediate recovery and loss mitigation. Knowing that disasters are inevitable, your emergency plan gives piece of mind knowing we have you covered. This program becomes extremely important in the event of catastrophic loss, when all mitigation contractors are in short supply and resources are stretched thin. Disaster planning with the RESPOND Program offers you the opportunity to make calm, well-considered decisions prior to a critical event.


With a call to our 24 hour service line our personnel will be dispatched, these professionals are committed to getting the property stabilizes no matter the scale of damage. These crews will be equipped with the necessary resources to perform the services required.


Meridian capabilities as full service restoration and reconstruction company with extensive experience in disaster response and repair allows for the ability to shift personnel as needed.

Stabilize the Situation

After a loss timely mitigation is essential. Meridian understands that early and proper evaluation is the key to the success of the project. We will evaluate and determine proper methods and implement the required mitigation before the situation worsens.

Prepare a Plan

Without the right plan of action, valuable time can be lost and additional damages could result from incomplete or ineffective mitigation procedures. With trained professionals, Meridian can offer advice and consultation on the best approach for optimal results.


Knowing what equipment is needed and where to utilize equipment and personnel is critical to the success of the mitigation. Extensive documentation is needed to assure that the response is effective and proceeding as planned. Meridian will maintain this documentation throughout the project so that insurance companies, owners and managers understand how personnel and equipment was utilized, this is a key element in eliminating confusion about service bills and invoices.

Neutralize the Damages

Turning an emergency or disaster into a controlled and managed situation is at the forefront of the mitigation team. With the proper methods applied, industrial, commercial, multi-family and residential properties can prevent potential cross over damage from improper controls.

Deliver Results

As part of Meridian’s service, we will coordinate, mitigate and control the environment to prevent (IAQ) indoor air quality problems. We will mobilize our company assets and trained personnel to any disaster or emergency in our coverage area. In addition, we can move seamlessly from mitigation to reconstruction to minimize down time.

In the RESPOND Program, you don’t have to worry about a thing, we have you covered.