Cleaning, Pack-out and Storage

Meridian’s contents division is an industry leader and specialist in the restoration of damaged contents. You can rest assured that we will handle your personal belongings in a respectful, experienced, and professional manner.

Meridian specializes in and handles every detail of the contents cleaning and restoration process after a loss. Our state of the art facility uses the latest technology in cleaning, such as: Ozone Odor Removal, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Odell Electronic Cleaning Stations, and Odell Electronics Drying Ovens. From the beginning all contents are properly packaged to ensure fragile items are protected for transport to our facility and then properly packaged for storage.

After an event loss, let us handle the burden

Meridian’s contents division relieves a homeowner of the burden of removing their contents from a structure after a water, mold, fire, or storm loss. First, a basic scope of contents will be done at the loss site. Next, a walk through with the insured to inventory salvageable and non-salvageable contents will be done. Contents will be inventoried, photographed and tracked throughout the entire process using Assured Software™. Assured PackOut™ helps to ensure that the appropriate documentation is available for establishment and reimbursement of non-restorable contents. This service is beneficial to both the insured and the insurance company.

Our state of the art facility uses the latest technology in cleaning, such as Ozone Odor Removal, Ultra Sonic Cleaning, Odell Electronic Cleaning Stations, and Odell Electronics Drying Ovens. Meridian’s storage facility is climate controlled, and has 24- hour security and visual monitoring.